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About Us

- Jacques Schwartzman, Author -

Is known as a sort of "master of all trades." When he’s not writing novels he is possibly developing his mini submarine, designing video and board games, or working on solving the world's most unsolvable math theorems. Like Birdy, he loves adventure and like DownUnder, he loves the sea! Jacques currently lives with his wife, two children, and two dogs in Madrid, Spain.

- Gabrielle Len, Illustrator -

Is also known as a sort of "master of all trades." When she’s not illustrating novels she is possibly composing and performing music, teaching piano, or studying to complete her masters in Mental Health Counseling. Like Birdy, she loves meeting new interesting characters and like DownUnder she loves traveling to cool places! Gabrielle currently lives with her husband and her rabbit in Miami, Florida.

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